Cape Town, 29 August 2014: The SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) announced today that it has accepted the decision of the Independent Anti-Doping Tribunal in relation to Daryl Impey of the doping violation charge.

The Independent Anti-Doping Tribunal stated that Impey did not dispute the presence of Probenecid, a prohibited substance, from a sample collected from him at the Cycling SA Time Trial Championships in Durban on 6 February 2014.

Khalid Galant, SAIDS CEO explains that Impey’s lawyers submitted a defense of ‘no fault or negligence’ on the basis that Impey had unknowingly come into contact with trace amounts of Probenecid following the collection of empty gelatin capsules from a pharmacy in Durban.

Impey’s defense team stated that the pharmacy in question confirmed in evidence that they had sold Probenecid to a customer two hours prior to selling empty gelatin capsules to Daryl Impey and that on both occasions the products were dispensed using the same pill-counter.

“Impey presented expert evidence from pharmacy professionals, pharmacologists and pharmacokinetic experts confirming that cross-contamination caused by the use of the pill-counter in such manner was plausible,” Galant explained.

“Under the Anti-Doping Rules, SAIDS is required to vigorously pursue all anti-doping rule violations within our jurisdiction. We did so and checked the veracity of Impey’s account to the fullest extent possible. We sought opinions from our own experts, which confirmed that cross-contamination was indeed possible in the manner proposed by Impey’s experts.

Galant adds that SAIDS is satisfied with the Independent Anti-Doping Tribunal’s finding that Daryl Impey was not at fault for the doping violation on the facts of this particular case and that he should not face any further consequences.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind all athletes that, due to the principle of strict liability, athletes must exercise extreme caution at all times with regards to any food and/or medical products they may come into contact with.” concludes Galant.

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