We welcome Marius Hurter and his wife as they will be running the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon ULTRA this weekend for team I Play Fair.

Marius Hurter

Catching up with Marius on his training; “This will be my second Ultra and hope to come in just in time. It’s very important to raise awareness and get a message out to everyone participating in sport that it is not acceptable to use or to be involved in drugs and other associated banned substances in sport.

It goes against the spirit in which sport should be played and the highest ethics in assuring a fair and level playing field should be maintained. Apart from the ethical side of sport, the health risks associated with using banned substances are as well documented and pose a huge threat to personal health. Participants and specifically children playing sport should know that.

In life there are no shortcuts in reaching your goal & achieving success. If one believes that a certain performance enhancing drug will help you to reach your goal, you are a cheat and goes against the spirit in which sport should be played. Say NO to doping! Don’t be a fool, it has serious implications regarding your health, your career and more importantly your good name and reputation.”