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Contact Dr. Amanda Claassen-Smithers, SAIDS Education Manager by e-mail at and copy 

or call the SAIDS office on 021 686 1634 or Cell phone: 060 997 3191.

Dates and times are to be determined by you in collaboration with the SAIDS Education Team.

  • Please provide us with 3 possible dates that we could come and do the education session.  We will do everything in our power to give you your first choice.
  • The longer in advance we can get your booking request the higher the chances that we would be able to meet your preferred date(s).

Anyone interested really. Although it is recommended that the most important persons are your top tier athletes (of any sport code), your sports administrators and coaching staff, medical staff, and parents (where applicable).

In order for the workshops to have maximum impact, the maximum number of participants is ±50 (venue permitting and provided there is good audio/visual facilities). It is more ideal to have smaller groups as it allows for better interaction, interactive activities and discussions.

The “full” workshop is two and a half hours long, covering all the important aspects and inclusive of audio/video media, interactive activities, discussions, group work and question time. (Also see workshop content below). This format offers the most comprehensive and effective learning experience.

The workshop could be tailored to a 60 – 90 minute format, bearing in mind that it then compromises some of the interactivity and detailed coverage of the content.

Shorter than 60 minutes changes the format to more of a talk with some allowance for question and answer time. The content of the talk will then be based on either a brief overview of topics or only focusing on a select few topics. 

If you prefer going the route of a shortened workshop or talk, then we advise that you schedule at least two workshops (or talks) – an introductory and a follow-up workshop(s) or talk(s) during the course of the season / year to allow for a more comprehensive and effective anti-doping education / learning experience.

There is no cost for these workshops. All costs are borne by SAIDS including the following:

  • Workshop facilitators
  • All workshop literature / education material
  • All “give-aways” – branded merchandise used as “prizes” for participant interaction
  • Facilitators’ travel & accommodation expenses

You would have to do the following, please:      

  • Provide the contact details of the liaison/contact person – e-mail and telephone number;
  • Organize and make sure your participants are present on the date and time agreed upon by yourselves and the SAIDS Education Team;
  • Let us know who the audience will be and the number of participants we need to prepare for;
  • Organize a venue that has AUDIO/VISUAL facilities (at the very least a data projector with a screen and speakers, or a television with sound) as there is a PowerPoint presentation as well as video material that need to be played;
  • A Public Address (PA) system inclusive of a microphone especially if it is a large group of people;
  • Snacks for your participants (optional)

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants should:

  • Understand who the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) is;
  • Understand the context within which SAIDS works; who WADA is, the CODE and the PROHIBITED LIST;
  • Understand the spirit and ethics of sport;
  • Understand the campaign: “I PLAY FAIR. SAY NO TO DOPING”;
  • Understand how the anti-doping code applies to their sport code as athlete/coach/manager/parent;
  • Understand what are banned substances and permitted substances in sport;
  • Understand doping control and its procedures – rights and responsibilities;
  • Understand the concept of strict liability;
  • Understand the consequences of doping;
  • Understand the risks of prohibited substances (including recreational drugs);
  • Understand the risks of dietary / sport supplements and SAIDS and WADA’s position on supplement-use;
  • Understand Therapeutic Use Exemptions;
  • Understand the Registered Testing pool (RTP) and athletes whereabouts
  • Understand how to deal with substance abusers;
  • Understand where to go should participants need help with doping issues;
  • Ask questions
  • PLEASE NOTE: There will also be a session for group work to discuss the doping issues, questions & recommendations per group

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