‘I Play Fair’ 94.7 Cycling Team Says ‘No’ to Doping
The Institute for Drug-Free Sport’s ‘I Play Fair’ team of public figures and sports celebrities rode together in unison to demonstrate their commitment to drug-free sport, ethics and fair-play, in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge today.

Ismail Vadi, MEC of Transport for Gauteng led the ‘I Play Fair’ team, which included swimming legend, Natalie du Toit; Motorsport Champion, Gugu Zulu; Super Sport presenter, Owen Hannie; and Freediver champion, Hanli Prinsloo.

Team I Play Fair on route at Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Photo Credit: Mariola

The Institute for Drug-Free Sport launched its ‘I Play Fair – Say NO! to Doping’ awareness campaign last year to promote drug-free sport and to gain support through education and participation in major sporting events with participating public figures and sporting heroes.

“While our ‘I Play Fair. Say NO! to doping’ initiative is a national campaign that we take to each region of the country, the Momentum 94.7 cycle race is the largest cycle event in Gauteng where we can generate maximum awareness for the national drug-free sport campaign among the participating cyclists and the public,” says Institute for Drug-Free Sport’s CEO, Khalid Galant.

He says that this is especially relevant in light of the current doping issues in cycling and the recent Lance Armstrong and David George doping cases, and he says that it helps raise awareness within the cycling community.

“Participating in events like the 94.7 cycle race should be about fitness, health and sportsmanship irrespective if one is racing or riding for fun,” he adds. “We want to remind cyclists of these principles and to be wary of tarnishing the sport with drugs and a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy.”

Other mass-based sports events that the ‘I Play Fair’ campaign will participate in next year include; Midmar Mile Swim in KZN, Ironman 90.7 triathlon in East London, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour and Two Oceans half marathon in Cape Town.

The Institute is encouraging all South African sportsmen and women, coaches and fans to take the ‘I Play Fair – Say NO! To Doping’ pledge by visiting www.drugfreesport.org.za the mobi-site: m.drugfreesport.org.za, on the Facebook Page (iplayfairZA) or via Twitter (@iplayfairZA)