The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS), an independent public entity in sport based in Newlands, Cape Town is recruiting a company for the provision of courier services for a 3-year period. One of SAIDS’s core functions is drug-testing in sport which involves the collection of urine and blood samples at various centres throughout the country and the secure transport of these samples to its head office in Cape Town and/or a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited laboratories in various parts of the world i.e. Bloemfontein (South Africa), Salt Lake City (USA), Doha (Qatar), Gent (Belgium), Cologne (Germany).


The courier company must be able to provide the following core services:

  1. The collection and secure transport of urine and blood samples from various centres, including outer lying areas between 05:00 and 00:00, 7 days a week to the SAIDS Head Office and/or WADA accredited laboratory within a maximum 48 hour period.
  2. The storage and transport of the blood and urine samples during transit should be in a secure and cool environment. Records (chain of custody) related to this must be kept and available to SAIDS should they be requested.
  3. Have a documented standard operating procedure to ensure that your staff is aware of and trained in the process for the transport of the blood and urine samples.
  4. An online tracking system to ensure that we are able to check the status of the shipment as well as to provide a detailed tracking history of previous shipments.
  5. Have a dedicated account executive that we can liaise with to ensure that the person understands our business and is able to handle our queries.
  6. Enable SAIDS to conduct audits on your operations to ensure that you are meeting the required standards.
  7. Where and when required, provide persons from your organisation to provide testimony in doping hearings related to the transport of samples.


If you are interested in providing a proposal to provide the above service to SAIDS please forward a proposal, tax clearance certificate, BBBEE certificate, proof of registration with the Central Supplier Database (as required by National Treasury Regulations) and quote related to the above by Friday, 02nd May  2019 to Isgaak Kalam at If we have not received a response from you by (12:00) on 02nd May 2019, you will not be considered as a service provider.