An informed athlete is an empowered athlete Anti-Doping Education plays a pivotal role in promoting the value of ethics and fair play in sport, thereby protecting the true “spirit of the sport”. It is also about informing athletes, coaches and managers about the World Anti-Doping Code, how to compete clean and drug-free, the doping control process, their rights and responsibilities. Education is especially important amongst younger athletes as they, too often, are lured into using 'pills and potions' (from supplements to illicit drugs) that offer quick fixes and false promises of efficacy, often at the cost of harming health, performance and getting banned from sport. While it is important to highlight the negative effects, it is also our duty to promote the use of sound and effective alternatives to support performance as well as the health and well-being of current and future generations of athletes.

Education activities

  • Anti-Doping Workshop, Seminars, Guest Lecturing

    Audience: Schools, Athletes / Teams, Coaches, Management, Health professionals, Tertiary education programmes.

  • Anti-Doping Outreach

    Education / information stand at tournaments, athletic meets, swimming galas, training camps, sporting event expo’s (e.g. Comrades Marathon) and the like.

  • Education material

    • Leaflets on various topics such as the doping process, dangers of doping, supplements (also in Zulu), frequently asked questions, and so on (scroll down to view or download our range of leaflets).
    • SAIDS Position Stand on the use of Supplements



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