About Us

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport's core focus is to tackle doping in sport in order to ensure a culture of ethics and fair play within South Africa. We're passionate about sport. And we're passionate about our nation's sporting heroes setting a good example for the younger generation. Not only would we like our athletes to compete drug-free, but we also want them to be proud to say no to doping. The Drug-Free Sport Act* gives the Institute authority and jurisdiction to carry out drug testing across all sports codes. By doing so we're inspiring a drug-free sports culture all South Africans can be proud of. Since the inception of the agency in 1998, we have:
  • Provided leadership in the development of a national anti-doping strategy in sport.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive drug testing programme that includes all South Africa's major sporting codes and conforms to the highest international standards of the industry.
  • Provided education and information on drugs in sport to all its target markets.
  • Consulted to other African countries on building capacity towards developing an anti-doping infrastructure on the continent.
  • Collaborated with other national anti-doping agencies throughout the world to achieve international harmonisation and improvement of standards and practices in anti-doping.

Khalid Galant
Chief Executive Officer